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Odoriferous Emanations

By Admin, 08/16/19, 10:00AM CDT


With kids playing sports I’m sure we all as parents have received our fair share of smelling stinky, sweaty, wet shoes.  Back in my day we just used to spray Right Guard deodorant into the shoes to help kill the smell and sometimes even sprayed feet with it.  There is a whole host of foot powders and sprays to help with stinky shoes and feet. 

Foot powders are great inside socks, but I’m going to give you a great stinky shoe hack.  After trying everything under the sun to kill the smell, the best way that I’ve found to help with the stank of the shoes is after the kids take them off, stuff newspapers into the shoes.  The newspapers absorb the moisture and stink from the shoe and returns the shoe to a neutral smell zone.   Depending on the amount of moisture in the shoe you can get a couple days’ worth of use from the paper.  Once the newspaper becomes wet, just switch it out.  Just leave the newspaper in the shoe until their next practice or game and enjoy not having to smell the stinky shoes.